Chakra Dinner
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Join Us for our next chakra dinner!

Ferbruary 8TH 2020!


Chakra E N E R G Y !

It’s that invisible force that we all have, we all share, we all receive — AND it’s quality has a profound impact on our lives. One way to consider your personal energetics, is to explore the chakras - the seven centers of spiritual power that inhabit the body. 

The chakra system is an idea that comes from ancient India. Having an understanding of what the chakras are, how their health and vitality may impact our bodies, and how we can use this understanding to achieve a sense of balance and ease in our body : mind : soul -  profoundly impacts the quality of our lives.


about us

Amy and Denise met via LEM , an inspiring community of curious, generous, inspired humans. They quickly bonded over their love of great food, empowered healing, the chakra energy system, and the ways that they have seen the chakras infuse healing energy into their own lives. 

After many hours of joy-filled spazzing out about the possibilities for bringing this wisdom to those we love, Chakra Dinners was born! 

Photo by  Kathy Carlisle